Canadian Club Sherry Cask 8

Canadian Club Sherry Cask

Here’s my 5th review, Canadian Club Sherry Cask 8 year, Batch No: SC-020. While I am Canadian, I normally don’t drink much rye unless it has been mixed into a Manhattan. However a few weeks ago there was quite a few Canadian whiskies reviewed, and I thought I’d review one that my Uncle gave me (he didn’t like it, so I ended up with it). Based on what I could find, this is 6 year aged Canadian Club put in Jerez Sherry Casks for an additional two years. This is a rare treatment for Canadian whiskies, however I have a feeling we may see more of this as time goes on.

Price: 35$ at the LCBO (Ontario)

Region: The People’s Republic of Canuckastan (Walkerville, Ontario, Canada)

Batch No: SC-020

Alcohol Content: 41.3%

Colour: Red Brick

Nose: Caramel, iodine, lemon-lime soda, cherry, peach, sherry

Taste: Cinnamon, sherry, cherries, slight oak

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