Crown Royal Special Reserve

Crown Royal Special Reserve

Hi again! Recently we were asked to clean out all of our kitchen, and during this fall cleaning, I found an old Rye that I had forgotten I had, Crown Royal Special Reserve.

A little background: I used to only drink Manhattan`s, specifically made with rye. I eventually moved on to Scotch, and as such put away my bottle of old Manhattan mix. Keep in mind that this bottle is from 7 years ago, so Crown Royal Special Reserve may have changed over the last few years.

Unfortunately I can’t find anything of a background on this one. I’m assuming that they’ve replaced it with Royal Reserve. According to the website, they take less than 1% of the barrels used and specially age them to make this blend.

Price: $52.95 (CAD)

Abv: 40%

Country of Origin: The Grand Duchy of Canuckastan (Canada)

Colour: Caramel

Nose: Vanilla, caramel, maple, earthiness…

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