Auchentoshan 12

Auchentoshan 1

Hello again Scotchit! I’m here with my 7th scotch review. So my wife is pretty awesome. I’ve been having a bad couple of months at my job, and she has been awesome the whole time. I’ve been working on writing up these reviews to help alleviate stress, and she knew that I haven’t had a new scotch in awhile, so she picked me up an early Xmas present, the Auchentoshan 12.

Other than being the hardest scotch to spell (other than Oog), this is one of the few Lowland’s I’ve ever tried.

Price: $52.90 (CAN).

Abv: 40%

Region: Lowland

Colour: Fire Orange. Possible dyed? I’m not that good at identifying if it is. Seems lighter than normal.

Nose: Roses, bananas, orange, ginger, Windex (this is a good thing), cherries, almonds, apple, coffee.

I’m normally not the biggest fan of whiskey with a light fruity smell, leaning towards more peaty…

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