Balvenie 30

Balvenie 30 1

Yay! My 10th Review!

Before I start, a little background: The Balvenie 30 year sample was sent to me by /u/ez4me2c3d[1] when he decided to have a lottery. Let me start by saying THANK YOU to him again, as this was an amazing gift.

When I came down from actually winning something, as I was so blown away an internet stranger would share a (very) pricey dram with me, I honestly didn’t know if I should turn it down or save it for years or wait until the apocalypse and use it to rule over the rest of humanity after the apocalypse or to start making reviews.

You see, this was 7 months ago, and at the time I only lurked on /r/Scotch[2] , feeling that I didn’t know how to discern flavours or review. And while some would argue I still can’t do either, I couldn’t turn…

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