Highland Park 12

Highland Park 12

Hello again Scotchit! Today I’ll be reviewing Highland Park 12, a tasty, interesting dram. I picked up my sample in Newfoundland, as the small samples aren’t currently available at the liquor stores I shop at in Ontario. I have to start making room throughout the apartment, as otherwise my various collections of RPG books, alcohol, cooking/baking paraphernalia and other things will eventually land me on Horders. Thus it’s time to start using up some samples.

Price: $67.95 (CAD) in Ontario for a 750ml. I paid $12 for this 50ml sample in Newfoundland.

ABV: 43%

Region: Highland

Colour: Dirty Blonde

Nose: Smoke, dried fruit, ethanol, lemon peel, daisies, banana, maple.

This dram has a huge fruit undertone. Light at first, however it opened up as time went by, with the banana and the maple taking over.

Taste: Blueberry, leather, earth, basil, brown sugar, mandarins, allspice, olive oil.

The fruitiness seems…

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