I.W. Harper 12

IW Harper

Hello /r/Bourbon[1] ! Here’s my first review of a Kentucky bourbon, as I’m typically a Canadian whisky/Scotch fan, and my father is the bourbon fan. Waitresses just love us….

I picked up this bottle from a co-worker who is moving and had to get rid of some full bottles of alcohol. I was intrigued by this, and more so my father is a Bourbon drinker, so why not pick up I.W. Harper 12 year Kentucky Bourbon? Worst case scenario, I dump a vanilla bean into it and my baking ends up coming with a warning about operating machinery after eating or not to eat it near an open flame. Or I could give it to my father, the Bourbon aficionado of the family.

I’ve since read that this is not available North America any more, and based on the Italian on the bottle, I don’t think my co-worker…

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