Port Ellen 1980 Signatory [Feather’s Flight Review Set #1]

Port Ellen Sig

And here we are, finally, at the last review of the Feather’s Pub Flight[1] . If you haven’t been following, Here are the links to all of the other reviews:

Part 1[2]

Part 2[3]

Part 3[4]

Part 4[5]

For the final installment, we have Port Ellen 1980 Signatory, a 16 year Cask Strength independently bottled and with no colour added. Port Ellen closed down in 1983, however each year there are collector editions that are released, as you may have noticed in the past couple months when the Port Ellen 32 Year 12th release flooded the front page. I’ve heard mixed reviews, so I am hesitant going into this one. Here’s hoping it lives up to the collectors hype.

Price: N/A

Abv: 59.8%

Region: Islay

Colour: Light pee

Nose: Sour wine, cedar smoke, the Malayan woods pavilion at the Toronto Zoo, peat, freshly tilled…

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