Glen Mhor 1979 Signatory [Feather’s Flight Review Set #2]

Glen Mhor

Part 3 of my birthday dram fun, and we’re onto the Speyside region. My wife wanted to get in on the fun, so she went searching and chose a dram for me. If you’ve never had someone do this for you, try it some time. And if they have very little experience choosing, do it twice. I would have never tried the Glen Mhor 1979 Signatory otherwise, as I didn’t know too much about the distillery or would have been thrown off.

I ended up pairing this dram with a Hazelnut Torte, however I was able to do a proper review before the amazingly light dessert threw off any of my taste buds. I’ll say this; it matched perfectly with a dessert, and I’d be hard pressed to order a different dram with a dessert at the pub again.

This one is chill filtered and there is no colour added…

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