Old Pulteney 12

Old Pulteney 12

Yay! Community review time! I was quite excited to try out the Old Pulteney 12, as enough reviews have pass me by without the bottle being available. Good news everyone! My local bar had a bottle!

Price: N/A

Region: Highland

Abv: 40%

Colour: Champagne

Nose: Salt air, Mr. Clean lemon, sweet floral, basil, Saki, thyme, eucalyptus

Okay, there is a harsh artificial lemon at first that just erupts from this dram. It eventually relaxes into a salty, floral, vegetal smell, which is nice, though that ugly fake lemon smell sticks around like a mouse covered in Old Dutch.

Taste: Lemon, thyme, celery root, potato, banana, coffee, pepper

Fascinating taste on this one. It’s mostly lemon, though there’s more of that vegetal/earthy mix and some sweetness. Somewhat dry.

Finish: Sour cream, vitamin C caplets, mushrooms, rapini, cocoa, cilantro.

Can I take back all my jokes about bitterness on Glenfiddich 12? Because…

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