Cragganmore 12

Cragganmore 12

So… I went on a little bit of a whiskey purchasing binge for awhile there in December, as I deal with stress poorly and buying alcohol and then having it around my house, unopened for months is another one of the things I do. It is like I’m only partially an alcoholic, with some of the expense, though without the extensive liver damage or the constantly drinking or the whole life falling apart bit. If that is you, talk to your friends and get some help. Seriously, I know I started that as a crass joke, but don’t abuse alcohol. It will ruin your life. I’ve seen people’s lives fall apart because of it, and that shouldn’t be you. Enjoy it, don’t abuse it.

Back to the joke: If you’re like me, eventually you’ll run low on cash and you’ll run out of space, and you’ll either stop yourself or…

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