Still Waters 2012 Special 1+11 Blend Canadian Whisky

Still Waters 1+11 Blend

Yet another bottle purchased from the new Still Waters distillery in Vaughn! See earlier posts about this distillery here[1] and here.[2]

Also, sorry for the rough pictures, I’m pretty bad at pictures and trying to get better.

This time we have the 2012 Special 1+11 Blend Canadian Whisky. This is a blend made with other producers, and 10% of it is their new make Rye. It’s called “1+11”, as I remember, because it took 11 tries to get it right. That sounds like they are willing to put in the hard work to make quality stuff, which is a nice sign.

Price: $29.65 (CAD)

Batch #: 1209

Abv: 40%

Region: Vaughn, Ontario, The People’s Democratic Republic of Canuckastan

Colour: Light Gold

Nose: Pine, clover, campfire, ginger, caramel, black pepper, nail polish remover

The pine and campfire are really nice. It’s not super smokey like Laphroaig or smooth smoke…

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