Glen Breton Rare Ice 17 Cask Strength Single Malt

Glen Breton Ice 17

It’s kinda hard being a Canadian at times here on /r/worldwhisky.

For one, I pay almost as much as Australians for whiskey, however they are having this wonderful renaissance going on, where as my country has laws that require Canadian whiskey to taste like… Canadian whiskey. Mix that in that there are such HUGE barriers to changing anything within my province (Ontario), and the fact that most people just mix it, and here we are. Not to mention that convincing ANYONE that there are at least 3 good Canuck whiskeys is like selling ketchup Popsicles to a woman wearing white gloves. And the idea of having a Canadian flag on this subreddit is seen as a detriment because of the amount of foul, maple whisky coming from the Great White North. It’s pretty rough!

And then there’s Glenora distillery, the First Canadian Single Malt. Hold on for a second…

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