Lagavulin 16

Lagavulin 16

Okay guys and gals, I’m going to call out something we all do. We all have those moments. You’re at a bar. Someone else is paying for the bar tab. Maybe you’re out with work. Maybe you’re out with your parents. Maybe you’re out with a specific friend. None the less, they have money and that little, evil imp shows up on your shoulder. The server gives you the Scotch lists, and the imp points out that one dram. You know the dram. It’s the one you normally don’t order as it’s a little more pricey. Not super pricey, but just pricey enough it stops you. And you order it.

Now some of you may not have this problem. Perhaps whiskey is affordable. Or you aren’t evil. You’re what I like to call “lucky”. In my province, this dram is Lagavulin 16. So many bars near me will charge…

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