Wiser’s Deluxe

Wiser's Deluxe

A lot of people out there know Canadian whiskies for either Canadian Club, Crown Royal, or whatever the heck Canadian Mist is (seriously, WTF is it?). Maybe Alberta Premium.

The sad part is that, liter for litre, Wiser’s Deluxe is a better mixing Canadian whisky than the typical standard fares of the ones above (maybe not Alberta Premium). It tastes better, it’s less harsh, and I’ve had less hangovers or whisky rage while drinking it.

So when I saw a little left in a bottle this weekend, I thought I’d share it with everyone else. I know most of you reading this probably know about it, however I think more people should too.

Price: $26.95 (CAD)

Region: The Democratic People’s Republic of Canuckastan

Abv: 40%

Colour: Fool’s Gold

Nose: Maple, banana, ferns, coconut, cream, bread

There’s a fairly decent mix of sweetness, herbs, and yeast on the nose here. This…

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