Aberlour 12 Sherry Cask

Aberlour 12 Sherry Cask

Hey all! I considered posting a bunch of these on April Fool’s, but then I got confused and lost. Had myself a cry, hugged my cat, and postponed some reviews until later.

Awhile ago I wanted to be part of the Aberlour A’bunadh community review, and by chance a coworker was going to England. I wrote down the name (for some reason he couldn’t remember it), gave him the money (as it’s $30 cheaper there), and patiently awaited his return (okay, I wasn’t that patient).

As you can surmise, some guy at duty free read his note and handed him a different bottle. I wasn’t too sad, as the bottle of Aberlour 12 Sherry Cask was 1 L and cost less than a 750 ml in Ontario!

Price: $56.45 (CAD)

Region: Speyside

Abv: 43%

Colour: Light Caramel

Nose: Cherry, cough syrup, brown sugar, mace, apricot, maple butter, red grapes, vanilla…

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