Buffalo Trace

Buffalo Trace

Wish I could have been part of the community review for this one, however finding a single dram of Bourbon in Ontario is second in difficulty to convincing ones wife that we should go out for dinner to a restaurant downtown strictly for the reason that it serves a certain type of Bourbon.

Luckily my father just purchased a large bottle of Buffalo Trace in the US this past month, and I’ve finally had a chance to try this staple of /r/Bourbon[1] . I’m quite excited, however also worried that if I don’t like it I’ll be tarred and feathered.

Price: $39.85 (CAD)

Abv: 45%

Region: Kentucky

Colour: Stained Wood

Nose: Wet wood, chocolate, pear, kiwi, sweet basil, oregano, coconut

Nicer than other bourbons I’ve had. There’s some more sweetness mixed into the typical vegetal/wood notes. I’m liking this so far. Put away the tar.

Taste: Orange/lemon, nutmeg, oak…

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