Maker’s Mark 46

Maker's Mark 46

It’s nice having people in the family who have tastes similar to yours. First, you can compare notes, second, you can talk to them easily about new things they’ve tried, and third, and most importantly, gifts are easy.

Giving gifts is like pulling out my toenails with burning hot tweezers for me. So any time someone is easy to buy for, that’s a huge relief. So when my father was happy to try new Bourbon for his birthday, and I was able to find Maker’s Mark 46, it was a nicer year. I was able to try some of it and write a review from it too!

Perhaps I should rethink my gift giving ability, as it almost sounds like I’m buying gifts for myself.

Price: $59.85 (CAD)

Region: Kentucky

Abv: 46.4%

Colour: Agave syrup

Nose: Chili flakes, cedar, light raspberry, cane sugar, almond, coconut flakes, chocolate

There’s an…

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