Bowmore Distiller’s Collection [Bowmore 12, 15 Darkest, 18]

Bowmore C 1

I’ve noticed a lot of samples piling up around the house… Time to start working through them. What a hard life I lead.

Awhile ago I made a joke concerning the general view of Bowmore on this Subreddit, stating it was generally maligned (even above Jura). And while older Bowmore’s typically get good praise, the younger ones usually have mixed reviews. This is odd as this is the largest Islay Distillery, and you’d expect that a bunch of peatheads like us would find an Islay good no matter what.

I realized that I hadn’t tried Bowmore just yet, and so headed out to purchase the Bowmore Distiller’s Collection. You all probably know what happened when I bought it (security, blah, whine, first world problems, etc.), and now that I’m finally over my cold, I can review them.

So without further rambling (HA! Like I can stop rambling), here’s my…

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