Forty Creek Barrel Select

40 Creek Barrel Select 2

Back to /r/worldwhisky[1] for me. I actually like having some whisk(e)y from places other than Scotland, as they always have a different flavour profile. It’s refreshing. Too many from one spot makes you forget why you like that one spot so much.

And since I’m a Canuck, a lot of my whisky is from Canada. I’m really excited right now with Canadian whisky. I think we’re at a point where companies are waking up and realizing that you need to step up with the quality on some brands, and that more people are sipping. One such company realizing this is Forty Creek.

Forty Creek has multiple versions out right now, and they’re doing things I’m enjoying more and more. As such, I’m going to try and review each of the different flavours (except the Cream Liquor). And where else to start but with the original, Forty Creek Barrel Select

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