If you’ve never have done a mystery review, you’re missing out. And while I haven’t received a mystery dram from a swap yet, my wife decided she’d be picking a Scotch for me to drink, and didn’t share the name with me. She did share it with everyone else at the table, which only made them giggle.

Have you ever heard of Smokehead? Because honestly, I hadn’t. And when you smell smoke on your whisky, guess correctly that it’s an Islay, and then go over EVERY single distillery on the small island, while others are laughing and telling you you’re wrong, it’s a little bit of a mind fuck.

To make things even rougher, I may have been right. The distillery that makes Smokehead is anonymous, so I may have guessed them and no one will know. I’d wager it’s Caol Ila. Has anyone ever figured it out?


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