The Belgian Owl [Special Review for UncleTobys so he can fall asleep without Crying]

Belgian Owl

I love the Review Request thread. I haven’t said so yet, however I’ve been listing out all of the requests in a separate file that I always have access to. And while I haven’t followed up on many of the requests (I think 3?), I did promise Belgian Owl Single Malt to /u/UncleTobys[1] , and I have been reviewing other things, which has been making him cry.

And as any Canadian will tell you, having an Aussie cry only is fun for about a month.

So here’s the Dram that nearly had security called on me. Here’s hoping it was worth it.

Price: $84.95 (CAD) (Currently on Clearance for $30 off at the LCBO)

Abv: 46%

Region: Belgium

Colour: Plastic straw yellow

Nose: Flowers, smoke, pear, grass, Granny Smith apples, cotton candy, mango, orange

The floral part on this one starts out strong, then changes to a smokier area…

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