Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve

40 Creek Double Barrel 2

And here it is, Canadian review number 10. I’ll take my Canadian flag. I’ll still be reviewing Canucks on here, however I’m thinking I should aim for 10 Aussies or Irish next, just to add one of their flags to my profile.

This is also review #14 overall for /r/worldwhisky and #2 for my ongoing, no one is going to follow, Forty Creek review series. Today we’ve skipped past the next step up for Forty Creek and jumped to the third step, the Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve. This one is made by aging corn, rye, and barley whiskies in their own special barrels, and then mixing them and aging them in their own Kentucky bourbon barrels.

Bold Strategy Cotton, let’s see if it pays off.

40 Creek Double Barrel 1

Price: $59.95 (CAD) for a 750 ml

Region: The Great Grand Mother’s Lands, where the lakes pool and the politicians skum the top (Ontario…

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