Talisker 10

Wow, 50 Scotch reviews. Never thought I’d actually hit this milestone. Go me. After reviewing 3 rare malts, it’s probably time to step down from my ivory Scotch tower and go back to some of the regular Scotch/World Whisky samples, and try to mellow out my palate once and for all. Or at least stop being so snobby and picky.. About 6 months ago, my… Continue reading Talisker 10

Glenglassaugh 1983 Gordon & MacPhail Connoisseur’s Choice

For my second review of the experiment I call “Poll /r/Scotch[1] “, I tried the Glenglassaugh 1983 Gordon & MacPhail Connoisseur’s Choice. That’s quite a mouthful. As a reminder, the three I was able to try as part of this experiment (and not be too hungover the next day) were: Aberfeldy 21 Balvenie 14 year Carribean Cask (for the community review) Glenglassaugh 1983 Gordon &… Continue reading Glenglassaugh 1983 Gordon & MacPhail Connoisseur’s Choice

Yamazaki 18

Every so often I take a moment, and look back at some of the drams I’ve had the chance to review some amazing, amazing drams. Drams that I’m so lucky to have had, I can’t believe it. I’m honestly humbled and shocked. Especially the ones I’ve gotten in swaps. The Yamazaki 18 is one of those drams. First off, pacifen sent it to me, and… Continue reading Yamazaki 18

Amrut Fusion

Who is pacifen? Awesome sauce, that’s who. And the person who sent me a great sample of the next dram I’ll be reviewing, Amrut Fusion. Last week I reviewed the Amrut Cask Strength, granted a day late. I’ve been cutting back on drinking the past while, and exercising/working has taken up a lot of my time, so when I finally won myself a free weekend,… Continue reading Amrut Fusion

Amrut Cask Strength

You know what’s a great way to try different whiskies? /r/ScotchSwap. Seriously great people over there. One of my most recent swaps was with an awesome person named /u/pacifen , and seriously, this was a pretty great swap. I’ve been jonesing to try different types of world whisky, and unfortunately (as everyone is sick of hearing), Ontario decides to throw curve balls on some non-European… Continue reading Amrut Cask Strength