Amrut Cask Strength

Amrut Cask Strength 2

You know what’s a great way to try different whiskies? /r/ScotchSwap. Seriously great people over there.

One of my most recent swaps was with an awesome person named /u/pacifen , and seriously, this was a pretty great swap. I’ve been jonesing to try different types of world whisky, and unfortunately (as everyone is sick of hearing), Ontario decides to throw curve balls on some non-European world whiskies. And by curve balls, I mean price hikes and random intervals of availability (can you tell I work in Marketing… god, I nearly made myself sick with that last line).

Also, who wants to only drink Irish and Canadian. If you do that, you end up bitter and disinterested like Texacer.

None the less, that’s where the awesome pacifen comes in. In our swap I received quite a few world whiskies, and the first I couldn’t hold off reviewing was the Amrut…

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