Macallan Fine Oak 10

Macallan Fine Oak 10 2

I have now (almost) caught up on my world whisky samples. And I’ve been having quite a few rare, expensive whiskies versus some of the staples. So it’s time to drop back down to the Advanced/Beginner Scotch list, at least for one or two drams.

I’m bad at reading maps. I’ll just say that right now. So when my wife asked for a restaurant, I brought up my handy map of Toronto Scotch bars, and showed her the wrong place. Thus instead of ending up with an Irish brunch and finishing up some of the Forty Creeks I’ve been looking into, we ended up with a Canadian/French brunch at a Scottish beer/scotch bar.

Allen’s[1] is an interesting place to go. Great burgers, good pancakes/French toast, great bacon, and amazing Scotch list. Downside? Servers aren’t as attentive as I’d like (however still very nice), and the Whisky prices are a…

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