Yamazaki 18

Yamasaki 18

Every so often I take a moment, and look back at some of the drams I’ve had the chance to review some amazing, amazing drams. Drams that I’m so lucky to have had, I can’t believe it. I’m honestly humbled and shocked. Especially the ones I’ve gotten in swaps.

The Yamazaki 18 is one of those drams.

First off, pacifen sent it to me, and that tells you how amazing pacifen is. Great swapper, would swap again. Swap.

Second, I’ve only had a handful of Japanese whisky, and let me tell you, it’s hard to drink whisky with your hands. Also, I’ve never really been impressed. It’s true, I was starting to give up on the region as a whole, and was generally avoiding it, as it’s also pricey and hard to get.

And as usual, I was happily wrong, ladies and gents.

Yamasaki 18 1

Price: Not available in Ontario

Region: Japan

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