Talisker 10

Talisker 10

Wow, 50 Scotch reviews. Never thought I’d actually hit this milestone. Go me.

After reviewing 3 rare malts, it’s probably time to step down from my ivory Scotch tower and go back to some of the regular Scotch/World Whisky samples, and try to mellow out my palate once and for all. Or at least stop being so snobby and picky..

About 6 months ago, my local LCBO had a sale on a bunch of sample 200 ml bottles. And as someone who usually has to pay tons for Beginner/Advanced level Scotch, I started grabbing up bottles like it was going to be outlawed in some type of Teetotaler/Mad Max world.

Let’s take a moment to imagine that world. If you made it into a movie, the villains wouldn’t swear, drive calmly, and talk softly. The hero is half in the bag most of the time, and can’t say a sentence…

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