Lot 40 2012

Lot 40 2012

It’s odd when you swap with someone. I recently opened up my bottle of Lot 40 to swap with UncleTobys, and then put it back up on my shelf. Oddly enough, I hadn’t tried any yet, so when I got back from a busy weekend I decided it was time to do another world whisky review.

Lot 40 was recently re-released after being off the market for about 10 years. It’s brought out by Colby, and it’s typically reviewed very well. It came out with Pike Creek whisky, which I’ve had enjoyed for awhile, and reviewed quite awhile ago here.[1]

I also thought that we needed some more Canucks worth drinking on this sub. Cause you guys would like to hear about the good Canuck whiskies at SOME point, I picked out this one. Probably be slowing down a little bit on reviews over the next while, as I…

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