BenRiach Peated 10 Curiositas [Mystery Dram]

Mystery Sample Kinohead

I’m trying to make it through quite a few of my outstanding samples before I go away to the UK. Because nothing’s better than beating up your liver before the world championships of beating up your liver (next to visiting Russia or Australia or parts of Quebec).

None the less, I decided to start the Scotches with a Mystery Dram from /u/kinohead[1] . I’m quite excited, as I’ve never done a mystery dram before, other than when my wife surprises me.

Usually I ramble on at this point about some background to it, but in this case I only know it’s Scotch, not on kinohead’s list, and I haven’t reviewed it before. Also my wife found this fun so she and I ended up guessing together (she guessed second to not throw me off).

And if you think you’ve had some fun fights with your SO, try arguing over…

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