Bruichladdich 15

Bruichladdich 15 2

One day of Fan Expo done, and man I’m tired. So tired in fact, that I went to a Tavern, checked out their selection, and ordered Bruichladdich The Black Arts 3. And I did this with no regard for going on vacation in a week, going to 3 more days of nerd induced shopping sprees, and not knowing the price.

Luckily they screwed up my order and I ended up with Port Charlotte The Peat Project Bruichladdich 15 year. I’ve had very little chance to try many of the Bruichladdich line, so I thought I dive in with a random one. This is a departure, from what I’ve been told, from the traditional line, as usually the hard to spell distillery offerings (other than Octomore) aren’t peated, even though they are from Islay.

Wait, no this isn’t peated, it’s the 15 year… because the waiter was a ponce.

Bruichladdich 15 1


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