Dalwhinnie 15

Dalwhinnie 15 2

Had this one (and wrote this) on the third day of Fan Expo, and I’m basically a Zombie. And not in the way that most people are Zombies at Fan Expo. No. Turns out walking around all day, eating pizza and pulled pork, and then pouring alcohol on it, all together, sucks the energy out of you. It was awesome.

So after watching a bunch of celebrities and awesome cosplays, I decided that I needed a drink. Nothing fancy, just one of the Beginner Drams, the Dalwhinnie 15 year.

Dalwhinnie is set in the mountain region of the Highlands, and as such, is the Highest distillery in Scotland. Well, until some laws are passed, and then the “Green Kush Benson” distillery starts up, and that moniker won’t be around too often, what with the new green label in town.

Only 10% of Dalwhinnie is sold as single malt, with…

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