Isle of Jura 10 Origin

Jura 10 Origin

In my continuing reviews of Scotch from the land of Ook, I happened upon a Bargain Booze establishment near where we’re staying. And let me tell you, Bargain booze here is so refreshing from the prices back home.

Jura distillery doesn’t get much love on this subreddit. They tend to buck trends and launch a different flavour of their Scotch for each possible profile. Many people are fine with Superstition[1] , as it’s peated, as you would expect from an Island that close to Islay. Yet the Battlehill 18 year[2] can confuse you, as it has Highland elements mixed into earthy elements that seem to bicker. Others find the Prophecy nice, as it’s peated again.

That leaves us with the Bargain Booze place: They had the Isle of Jura 10 Origin, the opening pitch of the distillery, the “Light & Delicate” section of their lineup. Let’s see if…

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