Three Ships 10

Three Ships 10 2

Hey /r/worldwhisky[1] ! Didn’t see this coming, eh? I’m off in the UK, bumming around the land of Scotch and fattening (tasty) foods, and you’re all like “Gee, guess TOModera’s going to ignore the rest of the world while he has so much Scotch he has to black market a liver”.

Well you’re wrong, bitches! I’m actually buying the liver from a hobo!

If you say to someone that you’re having a whisky from Africa, they may think they heard you wrong. It’s not typically known for Whisky. Yet in South Africa you can find Three Ships 10 year old made by the Three Ships Distillery. Three Ships have been around for a long time, starting back in 1850, and have recently upgraded quite a bit. The range currently has 4 different whiskies, and I’m quite interested to try each. This is a limited edition, of which they are…

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