W. L. Weller 12 year

WLWeller 12

‘m finding something really odd and annoying, and let me tell you, it has to do with my Government, and the last thing anyone wants to deal with is a Canuck complaining about their government, so I’ll make this short.

Our alcohol laws are dumb. Like, really dumb. It’s hard to ship in or out, so we get shafted. I could understand if it just was a tax or something, but no, it’s based on Abv. or some other shit and we end up shafted.

Thus I go to the U.K. and all of a sudden, in a small, underground speak easy (no, seriously)[1] , I can actually find W. L. Weller 12 year. What the heck! I can actually drive from my house to Kentucky in less than one full day, but they don’t deliver to my province?

That is some bull shit.

None the less, feeling…

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