Bushmills Black Bush

Bushmills Black Bush 2

Back to reality for a little bit, where I don’t to a review on a Scotch every couple of hours. It’s time to knuckle down and do an Irish.

I know, I know. You feel bad for me, running out of Scotches to review and having to drink another interesting whisky from a part of the world that still has enough spare time to specialize in making a foodstuff that is purely for fun and not for sustenance. First World Problems, eh?

Today I’m reviewing Bushmills Black Bush. It is the second offering from Bushmills, It’s aged for up to 7 years in oloroso sherry casks and bourbon barrels. Also it’s 80% premium malt whisky, whatever that means (feel free to inform me).

Let’s see if a Sherried Irish has a nice taste to it like Scotches do.

Bushmills Black Bush

Price: $37.95 (CAD)

Region: Irish

Abv: 40%

Colour: White pine


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