Glenfarclas 15

GLenfarclas 15

London’s an odd place. It really can drain you, as there’s tons and tons going on at any one moment. Especially for those of us who usually block out the “odd” things going on.

So after a long (long) day of the Victoria and Albert museum followed by the Natural History museum, I was ready for a dram. And finding places with whisky selection worth visiting in London (after going to Edinburgh) isn’t easy. The places that have actual good selection also have £35 main dishes, and the two lovely ladies with me weren’t exactly going to put down the dough so that I could be picky.

Women, eh?

Anyway, we ended up at a great little pub known for good beer on tap. And as a philistine when it comes to beer (and so many others things), I went looking for whisky. Luckily they had a bottle of Glenfarclas…

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