Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve

Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve 2

So if you haven’t read my last review, you won’t know that all the whiskies in the bar I was in were 2 pound 50 p. Now you do. See what I did there?

Anyway, I didn’t know this when I walked up to order my second dram (and some water to clear my mouth out). If I had, there may have been many, many more reviews (and I would have stumbled into traffic due to being hammered).

Anyway, I saw a bottle of Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve at the front, and I decided that now was the time to review it. Couldn’t cost more than 10 quid, so I was ready to bite your arm off. When the waitress said 2 pound 50, I was nearly touching cloth and ready to invade France, as it tends to cost more by the dram in the Queen’s colonies.

Johnnie Walker Gold…

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