Bruichladdich DNA 4th edition MCMLXXXV [100th Scotch Review/Request]

Bruichladdich DNA 1

Here it is folks, my 100th review, and it’s a review request from way back.

Couple things before I start: I’d like to point out that 100 reviews ago, I was just a lurker on /r/Scotch[1] who had (and some would argue still has) a minor interest in Whisky. I knew I liked it, yet I was pretty frightened to review it. What if I am wrong? What if I taste something different than someone else? Will Ralfy hunt me down and hurt me? Or at least /u/texacer[2] ?

Then I won an impromptu give away on /r/Scotch[3] for Balvenie 30 year. And was told that I better review it. So I was a little frightened, but stepped up to the plate, reviewing 9 different whiskies before I felt confident enough to review the 30 year. So if you, the person reading this, are thinking “I could…

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