Inverleven 1991 Gordon & MacPhail

Inverleven G&M 2

Confession time: When I first saw a bottle of Inverleven Gordon & MacPhail 1991 at the pub, I honestly thought it wasn’t a whisky. The label was far away, I’m almost as blind as a bat, and it just doesn’t look like a Scotch.

It looks like a tequila or a high end buffalo grass vodka. And who has heard about Inverleven anyway? There’s no reviews (that I could find) in the archive, so really, this must be some type of alcohol that I’ve just never heard about.

After some internet digging, I found out that Inverleven was in fact a Scotch. Mothballed back in 1993, this fairly young (started in 1938) distillery was a little bit of an oddball, being one of the few to hop the line between Highland and Lowland, they further tried to change things up by creating a labour intensive still that could easily change…

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