Clynelish 14

Clynelish 14 1

Last full day in the UK, and I wanted to end my long, long list of whisky reviews (oh god my liver hurts) with an advanced, interesting, and sometimes maligned dram before leaving. Yup, it’s time to review another from the Next Level malts list, the Clynelish 14.

I happened to butch the name as I ordered it, leaving the poor bartender from Spain to search quite a bit. Clynelish (pronounced Klein-LEESH, as I was told) was originally opened in 1968, right beside the old Clynelish distillery, that had been closed down. Then the old one was reopened and started selling a peated whisky to make up for an Islay whisky shortage (calm down! It’s done, we all need to breathe, it isn’t happening now). That old one was renamed Brora. Clynelish is now owned by Diageo.

Also Clynelish provides a lot of the spirit used in Johnny Walker…

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