Johnnie Walker Black Label

Johnnie Walker Black Label 1

I… I think I completely forgot I had reviewed this one until I found a review sitting around. Guess that goes to show, eventually you can drink too much whisky, have too much fun, and eat too much butter.

Side note: Seriously, why do people rag on English food so much? I really enjoyed it! I had Haggis, blood sausage, really good potatos (both scalloped and mashed), great sticky toffee pudding, amazing fish and chips, and enough chocolate to kill various small children (happily though).

Anyway, back to reviewing that whisky I defended the other day (I still feel dirty, no amount of showers can get me clean). Johnnie Walker Black Label is pretty much an accessible Scotch if there’s ever been one. It’s a blend, so people don’t freak out when you mix it. It’s only slightly more pricey, so you feel great buying it. It has an amazing…

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