Glengoyne 10

Nearing the end of our trip, and wanted to try something different. We were in Birmingham, and the hidden away Neo-Tudor building seemed to be calling us from the ultra modernistic mall (where I stupidly passed up buying Kilchoman 100% Islay 2nd release).. The bar itself was really nice, and looked old, especially for us New Worlders. The whisky selection was a little random, at… Continue reading Glengoyne 10

Maker’s Mark

Awhile ago (5 years?) I was sent down to Kentucky/Ohio (right on the border, near Cincinnati) on a surprise training trip. Being the first time I had traveled for business, I was a little overwhelmed, however much to their credit, the people down in Kentucky/Ohio were pretty awesome and welcoming, bringing me out for great food and tons of drink. On the biggest night of… Continue reading Maker’s Mark