Inchmurrin 10 Berry Bros & Rudd

Inchmurrin 10 year Berry Bros & Rudd

Back from vacation, back from drinking excessively, back in Canada where I’m used to the food.

So of course we went out to eat at an English pub in Toronto, Feather’s Pub[1] , as I could never have enough English (and Scottish and Welsh and etc.) food, and Feather’s does it right.

I’m a big fan of the review request thread. I think it’s a perfect place for answering the question “What should I try next?” Really interesting discussion and good people offering to try each dram… eventually.

I’ll get around to Drambuie 15 soon, I swear.

When I saw that someone (/u/rmill3r[2] ) had requested anything from Berry Bros & Rudd, I was lucky enough to currently be in the Official Berry Bros. & Rudd store in downtown London UK. Granted I saw the post 2 days later and wasn’t able to buy anything from Berry…

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