Linkwood 10 1989 Old Malt Cask

Linkwood 10 OMC

Yet another review request, and this one comes to us from my favourite pub[1] .

Quick comment about the image: Turns out I forgot to take a picture of the dram, and also it was busy so I didn’t take a picture of the bottle. This is a rarer bottle that you won’t find, as there is also a 21 year from the same year and bottler, thus no images online either. So… my bad.

My wife tolerates my whisky tasting. She’s a saint when it comes to patience. Basically imagine being at a table, and someone is making weird, thinking faces while drinking and writing notes on something that you aren’t really that interested. And here she sits, and she finds a way to have fun with it, and that’s (partially) why she’s awesome. She tries each one, she picks me up bottles, she helps me shop for…

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