Mystery Exchange Reviews [Glenlivet 18, Johnnie Walker Green Label, Glenmorangie 18, Balvenie 17 Peated Cask, Glenfarclas 21]

So as most people know by now, I kinda went on a bender on my vacation to the UK. 50 whisky samples in 15 days was both awesome and completely stupid, as I’m on medication where I’m not really supposed to have more than 4 oz. of hard liquor per week.

None the less, I came back, cut back, and was doing well (other than one trip to my favourite pub in Toronto for a couple more drams).

So when I entered the Mystery Dram swap, I had one of two expectations: 1) Customs had me on a watch list and my drams wouldn’t get through or 2) I’d end up getting one, maybe two samples, and last weekend my liver would only worry about chocolate.

Instead, an awesome, great swapper sent me 5 drams. And due to Canada Post being so efficient, they showed up right on Friday. After…

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