Laphroaig Triple Review (10, 10 CS, 18)

So lately I’ve been doing a couple of things for my general health. One of the main one is only having 4-6 oz. of whisky per week, and only on weekends. As this is the busiest time of year, alcohol + stress = bad if I don’t watch myself.

What does that mean? Well it means all the swaps I’ve done are not getting reviewed as quickly as normal, and doing a multireview can take a few weeks. Enter the Laphroaig Triple Review.

One other thing I’ve been attempting is to review all of the whiskies on the Beginner and Advanced list. And I’m happy to say that regardless of my self-imposed, make-my-teetotaler-grandparents-happy anti-stress regime, I’ve been able to review all of the Laphroaig offerings over a 3 week span.

What can I say about Laphroaig that hasn’t already said? They are an Islay giant, their name comes from…

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