Wild Turkey 81 Proof

Wild Turkey 81

Been awhile since I’ve had a chance to review a Bourbon (since I was on a bender in the UK), so when I ended up having a relaxing day on Saturday, watching my new kitten play with my older kitten, it seemed like the best time.

My one buddy who enjoys whisky as much as I do left a bottle of Wild Turkey 81 proof at my place, with the express instruction to review it when I had a chance.And who am I to let him down?

If you remember, I reviewed the Wild Turkey 101 proof[1] , I was quite happy to find the 101 proof due to Canada’s wonderful (sarcasm) laws concerning taxes on proof and thus only the 81 proof being available here.

So unlike the 101 proof, this one is aged 6-8 years rather than a mixture of whiskies aged 6,7, and 8 years. They…

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