Sullivan’s Cove Port Duo (French Oak Cask, Port Maturation Cask Strength)

Continuing on my multi review kick… wait, is it a kick if this is the second? When does something go from “that thing I did once or twice” to a “kick”?

So… continuing on what some might eventually call a “kick” or “just a phase” or “stop touching that in public”, here’s my second multireview, of which I have a special converging of themes for.

We’ve already gone over the potential “kick” I may or may not be on. SO that’s one. And also this is special because it’s the first Aussie whisky I’ve reviewed, so that’s two. I specially stood on my head for 2 hours to prepare, passed out and cracked my head off the credenza. If that doesn’t get me ready, I don’t want to be ready.

Just in case I may do a walkabout. And carry a knife. Don’t know yet.

Also this is part of…

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