Tobermory 10 [Re-Review]

Tobermory 10 2

So I’m currently working on my next multiple review, however I have a couple samples that just can’t be grouped together, no matter how much I think outside the box and attempt to match them like Duplo blocks and the cat.

Awhile back, when it was warmer out, I had a Scotch tasting party[1] . It was a great time, and I was able to review 4 different Scotches I hadn’t before. One of them was Tobermory 10.

So why am I back? Well if you check the link above, you’ll notice that /u/reddbdb[2] mentions that I may have overloaded my tongue during the nights many foods/desserts/drinks, even though I did only have a little bit of each, a full glass of water between, and stuck to the more calm elements (and passed on Cigars/Pipes). I had thought it wouldn’t affect my taste, however it did, and…

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