Clynelish 21 Dun Bheagan [Feather’s Flight Review Set #4]

Clynelish 21 Dun Bheagan 1

So for those of you just joining us, I go out to Feather’s Pub[1] , either buy myself a bunch of drams or others buy me drams, we have a good time, I spend a long time reviewing them, go home inebriated, and wake up apologizing to my wife.

And sometimes the cats.

Moving along, we’re onto the Highland of this time, and I didn’t end up getting to select this one myself. You see my wife was there, and she, after her first double gin and tonic, needed to pick out a dram. You see she loves doing that and not telling me. Because it’s funny to watch me guess, as I’m bad as hell at mystery drams.

Granted I’m working on them.

Not to mention, it was the Highland pick. I mean, COME ON! I suck at Highlands!

In the end she picked one that I had…

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